Deoxidized Copper Welding Wire



WWW COPP WELD (ER Cu) filler metal is deoxidized copper with small quantities of phosphorus, silicon, tin, manganese and silver. The phosphorus and silicon are primarily deoxidizers, and silicon and other elements improve fluidity and ease of welding. This metal is normally used to weld deoxidized copper (C12000 and C12200) and electrolytic tough pitch copper (C11000). Preheating is desirable for most work, but it is essential for heavier gauge welding. Preheating temperatures of 400°F to 1OOO°F (205°C to 540°C) are suitable.

AWS A5.7 / ER CU
Product Diameter
0.035 in
0.9 mm
0.045 in
1.2 mm
0.062 in
1.6 mm
3/32 in
2.4 mm
1/8 in
3.2 mm
5/32 in
4.0 mm
3/16 in
4.8 mm
36 in BARE
(914 mm)
30-lb SPOOLS
(13.6 Kg)
25-lb or 50-lb COIL